I’m sick of the drama! Some issues please?

Submitted on Mon, 20/04/2009 - 5:31pm

I recently came back from a very relaxing holiday in the Lake District. Without any access to any form of media, I spent an entire week away from politics and current affairs.

So this morning I decided to catch up with the political world and came across the now infamous 'Smeargate'. Like most of the general public I was disgusted by Damien McBride's email to the spin doctor, Derek Draper. It was a cheap ploy to damage some of the top Tories reputation. But how depressing it was to see that the main political stories of the day had little to do with politics, but everything to do with scandal!

The noughties has been consumed by celebrity culture and it is therefore not surprising that the public want to know more about politicians private lives. But what worries me is that the democratic processes in this county have become a parody. Damien McBride hoped that people would vote on their personal views of politicians' personalities, rather than on policy.

But McBride's accusations should be used as examples of political issues, rather than a method of destroying a political career. Jacqui Smith's husband was ridiculed by the media for watching porn. But even though the public was clearly disgusted that an MP had been able to claim expenses for her husband watching adult films, nobody mentioned how women were portrayed and the ethics surrounding pornography. Damien McBride joked in the now infamous email that George Osbourne's wife had depression and David Cameron has an STD. STDS and depression, like pornography, again should be a political issue. STDs and depression affect a large number of people, so why aren't they openly discussed? Would you really not vote for someone who was HIV positive?

The media has become a circus of political scandals, fuelled by political parties spreading rumours on the opposition. The British public desperately needs politicians to do politics.  Personally I don't care about politicians' private lives, but I do care about how they represent me and their policy. Some old fashioned debate would be much appreciated.



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