An Independent victory for Hertford Town Council

Submitted on Wed, 22/07/2009 - 11:59am

By now you will hopefully have heard the news that Angela Emsley has been elected to Hertford Town Council as a Councillor for Sele ward following Tuesday's exciting by-election.  This is a worthy and deserved victory and here at EHP we are so pleased with the results. 

East Herts People is grateful to have been given the opportunity to support two high quality candidates in their bid to gain a seat on the Town Council.  Both Angela and James Morris who stood in Castle worked tirelessly to deliver their leaflet and promote their campaign.  This is not easy without the network of volunteers that exist within the larger parties but we all mucked in and helped them in our spare time. 

We would like to congratulate Matthew McCormick newly elected Councillor for Castle ward, who at 23 will now have the opportunity to make the Town Council more accessible to younger voters. It is great that someone of his age is keen to represent local people and we wish him well in his new role. 

It has been a long and challenging few months trying to spread the EHP message through Hertford.  Jim Thornton came close in June and presented a real challenge to the Conservatives and then the national mood following the expenses scandal put Independents in the spotlight which was great for us.  The opportunity to fight a by-election came at a great time for both EHP and Independents in general and Angela winning last night made it all worthwhile.  There had been some comments that perhaps the by-election was an unnecessary expense.  However from the start we were adamant that it was good for democracy and only fair that local people were able to have their say.  Had it not been requested then the majority party would have been able to fill the vacancies. I think Angela's victory in Sele and the large amount of votes cast for James and the other Independent, Steve Froud, in Castle ward prove that this would not have been what people wanted.  Local people seem ready for a change and we are hopeful that if we can continue to support such high calibre candidates then we may be able to offer the choice that people clearly want when deciding who should represent them locally.

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