Independents vs Tory

Submitted on Mon, 29/06/2009 - 5:21pm

It's not only the weather that's heating up, things are hotting up here at East Herts People as we start our next election campaign for the Hertford Town Council by-election on Tuesday 21st July 2009. But we were thoroughly surprised that only one political party, the Conservatives, have put forward candidates. Where have all the other political party activists gone?

Hertford has not always been dominated by the Conservative party. Throughout the majority of the 1990s Labour had a strong presence in local government. But they only have a single remaining Labour Town Councillor, Mrs Hilary Durbin (Hertford Sele). Sele has strong ties to Labour and we were very surprised that Labour has fielded no candidates in the upcoming by-election. This was made even more surprising since the recent Labour newsletter for July on the East Herts Labour website states that would be supporting two candidates for the Hertford by-election. What went wrong?

We speculate that Labour were not able to hand in the relevant forms in time because the Hertford by-election was extremely badly advertised. Hertford Town Council's website only listed the Notice of Election a week before the deadline for nomination papers. We managed to hand in the relevant documents on time after a researcher luckily strolled past the Hertford Town Council notice boards in Hertford Town centre.

We are now in the unusual situation of fighting an election only against the local Conservatives, who keep supporting candidates who are simply not up to the job. Current Hertford Town and East Herts District Councillor, John Hedley, is presently being investigated by East Herts Council after allegations were made against him. Cllr Hedley was also suspended for 3 months last year from Hertford Town Council last after he was abusive to staff. Furthermore, former Tory Councillor, Sacha Bright, was forced to leave after he didn't attend any meetings in 6 months. Voting for a party is by no means a guarantee of a good candidate.

We hope that local people in Hertford get involved with this election, whether they support Independents or a political party. If you would like further information on the upcoming by-election and how you can get involved please don't hesitate to contact us.

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