Is it too much to ask that our representatives actually represent us?

Submitted on Wed, 15/04/2009 - 2:12pm

Blogs are online journals or diaries that are increasingly being used in politics to express views and opinions and break stories.  It is interesting that just as East Herts People have started writing their own blog, the very nature of political blogging has been thrust in to the spotlight following the recent revelations about Labour, Damian McBride and Derek Draper and their attempt to bring down the Tories through petty gossiping and malicious rumours.  Guido Fawkes, a well read right wing blog, popular in Parliament, broke the news of this bizarre email interaction between two high profile Labourites. Now Labour are left looking weak, the Tories want an apology from Gordon Brown and the various political blogs have landed themselves some useful free publicity. 

Blogs aside, the point of this incident is that it does little to rectify a certain perception by the electorate, one that hinders politics and politicians more and more frequently; the notion that what we are faced with in Britain are a bunch of school boy squabblers who rather than working for their constituents, would rather spend their time fighting and point scoring and wasting tax payers money.  Now it seems even the back room staff are involved 

This perception is not just a problem nationally, it hinders local politics too.  One of our researchers attended an East Herts District Council meeting recently and left with a feeling of dismay and disillusionment following the scenes of point scoring and shouting down.  Those in the majority seemed to stifle the minority.  Wouldn't it be nice to see a group of representatives who wanted to serve the voters, who weren't in politics for selfish gain and wouldn't it be nice if instead of indulging in dirty tactics, our representatives spent that valuable time on us?  Perhaps I am being a little idealistic, but maybe an Independent representative wouldn't need to indulge in this sort of pettiness as they would be free of the shackles that often accompany party representatives?  I certainly hope so.

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