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Submitted on Thu, 28/05/2009 - 9:55am

Monday 25 May 2009

I managed to persuade my wife to drive me round Goldings and Hertingfordbury so I could leap out and deliver leaflets. The only problem was she really liked the look of Goldings and wants to retire there. The anger about Expenses seems to have turned into a sort of resignation, and a feeling that we can never change the system. When I protest to people that to do nothing opens the door to tyranny, they look at me as though I am daft. But there is an increasing number of thoughful articles appearing, comparing the situation today with the thirties, and asking what it would take for Britain to head down a dangerous route. There is enough literature in the business world to show that a single voice can change the corporate ethos, so surely we need more people who are willing to speak out for what is right, and those people surely are most likely to be outside the normal Party system. I had eight years of trying to change the system from within, but now I would like the chance to try another way.

28/05/2009 - 21:05 by Deborah and Nigel

How many other people have tried to change the system from within?

At Westminster, Douglas Carswell had been trying for a long time but fellow MPs ostracised and jeered at him for his efforts. People only started to listen to him and take matters seriously AFTER the Daily Telegraph published the truth and the voters saw what was really going on.

If the people inside the party are nice and comfortable and don't want anything to change, you need to get out to make a difference. 

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