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Submitted on Thu, 28/05/2009 - 9:57am

Wednesday 27 May 2009

I have now delivered to well over 90% of the households in the Division, but there are some people who are excluded from the political debate because the Tradesman's button on their Block of Flats does not work. There are several blocks in the Division which are completely inaccesible, Mitre Court being one of them, and Livia, who managed to get in, could not get out, and had to climb over a wall. We need to campaign to make it a condition of any planning consent that there has to be the possibility of election candidates delivering their Election Addresses. Which raises the question of how we should be fighting an election campaign; should the qualification for election be the ability to deliver 6,000 leaflets before the Postal Voting forms arrive? For those with large delivery networks this is no problem, but the traditional party members are getting elderly, and for Independents it is a foot-blistering experience to fight an election. We are in the mid-election period where you have tried to catch everybody before they send in their postal votes, and are now trying to gauge when to send out the second leaflet to convince everybody to vote on the day. With only £1100, you cannot pay people to deliver, so is democracy best served by Trial by Delivery? Or do we just accept that people are going to vote on tribal lines, and a reasoned campaign with readable thought-provoking literature is a waste of time?

28/05/2009 - 20:21 by Nigel and Deborah

As independent candidates at the last East Herts Council election, the two of us  walked Sawbridgeworth twice - once for the postal voters and again with the final leaflets. It is seriously hard work! But even if people don't read the leaflets, it's a reminder that they have a choice and you get to meet and talk to people on the way who hopefully will spread the word.

It worked for us. People want change.


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