Ordinary people need to be elected, not celebrities

Submitted on Fri, 29/05/2009 - 4:14pm

Today has been a fantastic day at East Herts People. The sun is shining and Independents couldn't look hotter. But we do have concerns that storms are ahead. Independents in the media have been getting very positive press at the moment, but we think they are missing the point. Anyone can stand as an Independent, there is no need for celebrity status.

Recently a flock of celebs have flirted with the idea of standing in the next election as PPCs (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate). Recent polls suggest that people see Independents as a positive alternative to the current tribal politics. But why isn't the average Joe coming forward?

Critics of Independent MPs argue that political parties are essential in Westminster and believe it or not, we also agree. We are not here to field Independent Candidates in the next general election and certainly not celebrities. But we do believe that party politics has had its day in local councils.  There are currently 642 MPs in parliament; Hertfordshire County Council has 77 Councillors. Tribal politics is not only nonsensical, but is also detrimental to local democracy.

People are undoubtedly fed up with the political system, but it is up to ordinary people to make a change. We want to see everyday people stand as Independents. There is a possibility of 2 by-elections in Hertford Town Council and we would love to fill the vacancies with Independent Councillors. Take it from me that you do not need any formal qualifications/education to get involved with politics (I have a Theology degree!). If you are interested in becoming an Independent Councillor, please give us a bell.

Celebrities may be popular with the electorate because they are able to relate to them. But who can you relate to better, Esther Rantzen or the bloke next door? Government is not for the famous. Democracy is a beautiful idea; ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.

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