Rock at the Castle: An outstanding success!

Submitted on Mon, 03/08/2009 - 4:44pm

Rock at the Castle took place yesterday in Hertford Castle with hundreds of local residents turning up for the event. The English summer did not spoil the day either, the weather was unusually pleasant!

It was great to see a wide variety of people attend the event, groups of young people danced energetically to the music, families had a picnic and children had their face painted. Rock in the Castle certainly catered for all.

The music was on top form this year. Throughout the event the stage had a large crowd around it, with music lovers dancing and everyone generally having a good time. I personally loved the spoof hip-hop group Ahead of Time Crew, I think they were wearing Transformer outfits?! Well whatever they were wearing, they were certainly entertaining!

Rock in the Castle was not only about having fun, it was also raising money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (We currently do not have information on how much money was raised from the event). It also showcased the local schools Battle of the Band winners, The Fuses.

Rock in the Castle was a great example of the good work that a Town Council undertakes and Hertford Town Council should be proud of their achievements. I personally can't wait for Rock in the Castle in 2010!

What are your views on Rock in the Castle? What would you change for next year's event? Who was your favorite band? Please send us your views and comments using the form below.


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