Time is running out for the big three

Submitted on Thu, 14/05/2009 - 10:16am

This has not been a good week for politics and politicians.  The MP's expenses row which has been simmering away for the last year has finally reached boiling point and is severely scalding our elected representatives.  It seems the public have lost faith in their MP's and whether you think this is a huge issue or is simply being blown up by the media, the fact remains that the voting public are not happy. 

What effect is this going to have on the upcoming local elections?  Alongside the issue of MP's expenses, the last few weeks have seen a plethora of events propel Gordon Brown and the labour party firmly in to the dog house.  The Gurkha issue, the Damien McBride affair, the ongoing economic crisis; all of these have left voters feeling disillusioned and fed up.  Last year saw the local elections turn favourably towards the Conservatives, whereby they became the majority on a large number of councils and even saw Boris Johnson win the Mayoral election in London.  But what do recent events mean for June 4th 2009?  It seems that no party can sit back and comfortably expect to dominate and rumour has it minor and fringe parties may storm to victory as the electorate turn to protest voting.  Local elections are traditionally seen as the perfect time for protest voting as they are not as consequential as General Elections but the main parties might want to beware, there is now only a year left before a general election has to be called and this is a short amount of time to change public opinion and regain trust.  The upcoming elections are looking good for the minority parties and Independents and at the moment it seems there is a chance that this luck could extend far beyond June 4th.

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