labour logoIn the Mercury on March 6th the Labour leader, Ian Laidlaw Dickson at the County Council outlined the Labour proposals for the 2009 election:

"Labour believes that the biggest issue facing Hertfordshire is the impact of the economic crisis. The county council has a vital role to provide support for businesses and Hertfordshire residents. Only a Labour county council will have the vision and determination to ensure that this happens. Labour wants to create employment and support working people by increasing apprenticeships and expanding financial advice services. It will launch a full enquiry into the loss of £28m of Hertfordshire taxpayers' money to ensure the lessons are learned and public money is protected. Labour will expand the services to youngsters on Friday and Saturday evenings and will be looking at ways to provide free transport for young people. The party wants to invest money in services to families, schools and our communities to prevent children and young people becoming at risk and to increase their wellbeing. The final point will be important in Labour's county council campaign is ensuring that highways maintenance is fast, efficient and long term. Labour believes it's better to prevent potholes, but when they do occur they must be repaired quickly, durably and efficiently."

Candidates:  Watch this space for news on the full list of Labour candidates for the 2009 local elections.

Hertford, Ware and District Branch Labour Party