tory logoIn the Mercury on March 6th the Conservative leader, Robert Gordon at the County Council outlined the Conservative proposals for the 2009 election:

"For the last four years the Conservative county council has been fighting to protect Hertfordshire and the quality of life of its residents. We have mounted a legal challenge to Labour's East of England Plan which would impose massive housing growth on our congested county.  We have also joined with other councils in opposing growth at Stansted Airport. With local MP's we have been successful in getting the next Conservative government to agree to block the second runway at Stansted and scrap Labour's top down housing targets. Together we can stop Harlow North. We will work with the new government to freeze the council tax for at least two years and will continue to give best value for every taxpayer's pound. Your money is spent on Hertfordshire's excellent schools and our high quality social care for both adults and children. We have also made a major impact on the backlog of road maintenance but know there is more to do, and we will do it. We will always strike a fair balance between the quality of services and the level of local taxes, particularly in these difficult times, and will give people a greater say in local decisions that affect them."

Candidates: Watch this space for news on the full list of Conservative candidates for the 2009 local elections.

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