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Alastair Campbell opens new MIND centre in Hertford

MINDTony Blair's former right hand man was in Hertford yesterday to open a brand new MIND centre. 

MIND is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, working to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress.  1 in 4 people will be affected by some form of mental illness during their life and therefore it is essential that a charity like MIND is working to provide support and challenge discrimination on such a vital and prevalent issue. 

The opening of a new support centre is an important addition to services in Hertford and the appearance of a celebrity guest brought even more prominence to the event.  Mr Campbell, the man behind Blair's time in power, has himself suffered with mental illness as a result of a nervous breakdown in 1986.  He is open and honest about his experiences, which is so important. As such, his work towards challenging perceptions of mental illness means he is nominated for MIND's "champion of the year" which celebrates the work of those who have made an outstanding contribution to increasing understanding about mental health. During his speech, Mr Campbell talked about his personal experiences and how this has made him who he is today. 

The new office will be situated in the Seed Warehouse and will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 8pm.  It offers computer facilities, support and information and group work and courses alongside "Exercise to Health" which offers a variety of exercise classes as a way of improving mental health and general well being.  Given the statistics, mental illness is something that all of us will have to contend with at some point and it is vital that places such as this are available.  As Alastair Campbell rightly pointed out, for those who feel isolated and unsupported; "this common knowledge there is a place to go to might just help.  This is a really important resource to have". 

For more information on the work of MIND and their "Time to Change" campaign which aims to end mental health discrimination visit their website 

For more information on the work of MIND in Mid Herts go here 

For more information on Alastair Campbell and his take on yesterdays event go here

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