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Hertford councillor loses seat for non-attendance

A Hertford councillor was disqualified from his position last Monday (11 May) for failing to attend the minimum number of Town Council meetings required of the post.

Cllr Sacha Bright (Con, Castle) breached the clause of the Local Government Act 2000 whereby councillors have to attend at least one meeting every six months, meaning an automatic disqualification from the Council. He last attended a meeting on 10 November 2008.

The vacancy means that two Hertford Town Council by-elections are now possible in coming months, since the resignation of Cllr John Cook has left a seat open for Sele Farm ward.

If 10 residents of the corresponding ward make a written request to the Returning Officer at East Herts District Council then a by-election will be held, otherwise the Town Council will fill the vacancy themselves. The request deadline for Castle ward is 9 June 2009.

East Herts People is currently looking for signatories, as well as potential candidates to run for the post if an election is called. If you would like to see your local councillors elected by the people they're supposed to represent, or if you would like to stand for Sele or Castle wards, speak to us on 01992 310097 or

Read the Town Council's official notice of vacancy here.

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