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East Herts People’s Mercury Round up.

Friday 22nd May 2009

Politician's expenses is the name of the game on page 2 (Councillor's net £460k expenses and allowances). Encouragingly, two Independent District Councillors have made no claims since 2007 on top of their allowance.  Deborah and Nigel Clark do well to fly the Independent flag at District Level despite what looks like heavy opposition.  An article on page two reports that "Executive member and Tory Mike Tindale failed to persuade fellow members to back a limit, which would have [stopped the couple asking questions]".  The article explains how Cllr Tindale also told the Clarks they were "about as popular as the editor of the Daily Telegraph in the House of Commons' tea room".  The Clarks have responded with a letter to the Mercury pointing out that "...we were elected on a platform of openness and transparency, with a specific mandate to ask more questions, this is an affront to democracy...clearly Cllr Tindale is out of touch with the public mood".  Concerning tales from East Herts District Council. 

East Herts District Council continues their extraordinary run of stories in the Mercury with an interesting tale about a 16 year old Simon Balle pupil who was sent a polling card for the June 4th election (Alex, 16, invited to vote at election).  Clearly he is not old enough to vote and if he were to, this would be electoral fraud, but an administrative error at EHDC saw a card being sent out to him even though he had not put his age on the registration form.  Cllr Tindale commented "We've sent the form to 57,000 households in East Herts and this is the only case of error that we've heard of.  It just shows the importance of all householders filling out this straightforward form correctly".  Or your staff reading the forms properly?! 

An encouraging article informs us that Ware's new mayor is a mere 25 years old.  Councillor Katherine Little, (Conservative St Mary's) is Ware born and bred and is already planning lots of fundraising events for her chosen charities Herts Air Ambulance, Helping and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

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