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Expenses scandal update – It’s a good time to be Independent...

18/5/09 Esther Rantzen claims she may stand as an Independent in Luton as a result of her outrage at the expenses scandal that has engulfed our elected representatives.  The former "That's Life" presenter and all round TV legend is contemplating standing on an anti corruption platform despite her lack of connection to Luton itself. Speaking to the BBC, Ms Rantzen commented; " might be time for another Independent candidate to step forward, as Martin Bell did in the 1990's".  At least something good seems to be coming out of this sorry political mess; the rise of the Independents!  Watch this space for more... 

In other news there is also a rumour that the ultimate anti-sleaze Independent guru, Mr Martin Bell may stand again following the latest scandals.  Mr Bell was elected in 1997 on an anti sleaze platform against Neil Hamilton.  He served until 2001 and only stood down because he originally claimed he would stand for one term only.  Let's hope the rumours are true.  Despite him approaching the grand age of 72 there's certainly need for a respected representative such as him.  Things have almost gone full circle.  The last time he stood the Tories were in disarray and dogged by sleaze and scandal and now it's Labour's turn. East Herts People are pleased to see the things they have been arguing start to make sense in the political landscape. 

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