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New Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel for East Herts

Volunteers have set up their own panel to discuss Councillors' allowances and expenses in East Herts, the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel. Members of the newly formed group originally applied to the official Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) on East Herts Council, but were rejected.

The IRP is responsible for deliberating rates of expenses and allowances for Councillors. East Herts Council recently advertised in local newspapers for vacant seats in the panel and urged members of the public to come forward. There were eight applications to the IRP, but East Herts Council decided to only appoint one new member, Mrs Jay Anderson. The current membership of the panel is three, the minimum legal requirement for an IRP. The other two members of the panel are Barry Norman and Jon Wilson.

Independent Councillor, Nigel Clark, originally suggested to the Council that all applicants be appointed, as they were all of equal stature and good caliber. But this motion was overturned by other council members.

Cllr Clark met afterwards with the seven unsuccessful candidates and suggested that their maybe an alternative way that they can be involved. Cllr Clark proposed an Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel, which would have the same duties as the official IRP, but not the jurisdiction. All candidates were keen to get involved and the panel was soon established.

The Shadow IRP will meet regularly and discuss Councilllors' allowances and expenses. The group will publish its findings to the press, current Councilllors and the official IRP by the end of September, when a vote on allowances is scheduled to take place.

The group is extremely keen to get members of the public involved with their work. They have set up their own Facebook group, Shadow IRP for East Herts. They hope that members of the public will share their views and opinions on Councilllors' allowances in East Herts.

You can read our comment article about the group here

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