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Starbucks wins Hertford planning dispute

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks has been granted planning permission for its Bercherley Green store in the centre of Hertford. The approving planning inspector Richard Perrins concluded that the coffee store would not harm Hertford's "generally wealthy, vital and viable" town centre.

The dispute has seen two applications from the coffee chain, including appeals, protests and "enforcement action" since the store fist opened in March 2008. The decision to grant Starbucks permission follows an appeal against a second rejection on the basis that the store occupies units marked for retail use only.

Neighbouring store Serendipity Foods has expressed its disappointment with the decision, especially since it was rejected a similar application for the retail unit in October 2006.

As reported in the East Herts Herald, 07 April 2009.

Read the planning inspector's report here.

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