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What about a Coalition for Democracy in East Herts?

Membership of political parties is now at an all time low, and the total of all political party members is now less than the number of children who listen to Classic FM. One consequence of this is that our Local Councillors are selected by and from an ageing and diminishing bunch of eccentrics.

In East Herts, one party has 42 seats out of 50, and so although the Clarks have done an admirable job, it is simply impossible to hold the Executive to any form of account. At the last election 47% of the voters did not vote Conservative, but their votes only counted for 8 seats, 16% of the total. This is hardly a good expression of democracy.

The only way we will change local politics in East Herts is if next May each election contest is a two-horse race. If every party tries to put up a candidate in every seat, there will be no change. The only way to make real change is to form a Coalition for Democracy, and for Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens and Independents to work together to put one candidate against one sitting Councillor.

We all want really good candidates to stand for election. Two things put good candidates off:

  1. Having to commit to a Party and
  2. Ignorance of what is involved.

You can stand as an Independent, like the Clarks did, and if you want to know what is involved, then email us on for a free copy of the book Independents for East Herts.

This idea was floated in the Mercury on 14 October 2010. What do you think?

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