Key websites - This website is provided by the Electoral Commission. You can register to vote and find clear and concise information on upcoming elections and the voting system in the UK. - Hertfordshire County Council website. - Hertford Town Council website. - East Herts Council website. - Excellent blog on local government. - Website specifically for young people in Hertfordshire by Youth Connexions Hertfordshire and Herts County Council.

Independent Councillors - The Independent Network acts as a support group for Independent Candidates, and works with the national media to promote the advantages of Independents in government. It has an impressive Council of Reference. - The Independent Group at the Local Government Association provides support for Independent Councillors in England and Wales. - Provides information on becoming an Independent Councillor. - Debbie Lemay's (Buntingford town councillor) informative website on Buntingford.

Local campaign and pressure groups - Hertford Residents against Tesco Expansion. - Burning Issue Group Ware. - Hertford Fairtrade Website. - Hertford Civic Society Website. - Campaign to Protect Rural England-Hertford Division. - Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise. - HAD (Hertfordshire Action on Disability). - Bayford Action Group.

Local political party websites - Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats. - East Herts Labour. - Hertfordshire Conservatives. - East Herts Conservatives.

Getting involved with politics - Excellent free resource from the Ordinance Survey that allows users to create maps of electoral borders. - An excellent website which provides a clear, step by step guide, on becoming a councillor. - Councillors' Commission. - Designed by the electoral commission, this site provides enlightening information on how to get involved with democracy and politics. - Democracy Live site by the BBC. Watch online political content from UK Parliament and devolved UK assemblies.

Young People and Politics - Political blog for young women who are interested in handbags and politics. The antithesis of women's magazines. - Catch 21 is an innovative web based television for Westminster. Designed especially for a younger audience, it aims to get the younger generation involved with politics. A brilliant website with interesting blogs and videos. - Heads Up encourages under18s to get involved with local politics. It has its own forum and debates. It is run by the Hansard Society, a non-partisan political and educational charity. - Global politics magazine for young people. - UK Youth Parliament website. - The Young Fabians is the under 31s branch of the Fabians. The Young Fabians are generally affiliated to centre-left politics and is the only think tank in the UK for young people. - Social networking site for social activists. Users can upload videos, podcasts and start debates. - Voice IT allows young people to use the internet and multimedia to get involved with local issues and politics. You can create podcasts, campaigns, upload your own videos and set up a blog. - Global online community of social activists. Has over 10million users. - Ever fancied being Prime Minister? What would happen if you were in charge of a country? Find out using this online political strategy game. Be a fascist or a socialist, the choice is up to you!

Your representatives - Website that allows you to find the contact details of your local government representatives and send an email directly to them. - Ever wondered what your local MP has been doing? This website allows you to find out comprehensive information on your MP. Also includes voting history and expenses. - Website by the Local Government Association connecting you to your local councillor.