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Local Political Activists Want Your Opinions on Councillors Expenses

We reported in August that a group of local volunteers have set up an alternative group to decide fair levels of pay for Councillors in East Herts, the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel.

The group was founded after volunteers were rejected from the official Remuneration Panel by East Herts District Council.

East Herts Councillors receive some of the highest allowances in the country. The Shadow Independent Remuneration panel suggest dramatic cuts in allowances that will save the taxpayer £120,000 every year.

The Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel recently released a report of their recommendations on Councillors' allowance. They are keen to get members of the public views on allowances. They would also like to receive suggestions on fair amounts of councillors' expenses, especially on allowances for dependents and carers.

Some of their proposals include reducing the current basic allowance for a Councillor by 12% from £5,404 to £4,766 per year. They also plan to cut the allowance for the Leader of the Council by under half from £27,000 to £12,000 per year.

Another controversial suggestion is to scrap the current allowance for the Deputy Leader altogether. The Deputy Leader can currently claim £16,213 per year. But the Shadow Independent Remuneration panel believe that the Deputy Leader has no more responsibility than a regular Councillor and should not receive any additional allowances.

Why do Councillors receive payment/remuneration?

The vast majority of Councillors receive an allowance for their role as an elected member. This ensures that Councillors are not out of pocket for carrying out their elected duties.

In last year's Local Government Association (LGA) Member Allowance Survey, Councillors spent on average 22 per hours a week on Council business. As a result of Councillors needing to give so much of their time, some are unable to have full-time jobs. The allowance is there to ease their financial situation.

Councillors with special responsibilities, such as an executive member or a chairman of a committee, also receive an additional allowance.

Allowances are an important part of democracy; they enable people from all walks of life to be Councillors. Without the allowance, it is argurable that some people couldn't simply afford to serve in public office.

Have your say

  • Read the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel Draft Report on Members' Allowance. We've attached this document below
  • Attend the public meeting on Councillors' allowances, arranged by the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel. The meeting will take place at 7.30pm on the 15th September at The Charles Centre, Water Lane, Bishop's Stortford.
  • Get in contact with the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel on their Facebook page.
  • Send us your views, fill in the form below.
  • Don't forget to vote in our poll on Councillors' Allowance on the home page.

If you're interested in becoming a Councillor, read our Guide to Being a Councillor

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