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Independent Candidates Can Bring Real Change In Broxbourne

On Thursday 4th March 2010 former local Councillor and founder of East Herts People, Jim Thornton, will be in Hoddesdon talking about his new book 'Independents for East Herts' and making the case for a slate of  independent candidates to stand in the forthcoming Broxbourne Council elections on 6th May 2010.

The meeting will take place in Mayhem Theatre Arts in Brewery Road, Hoddesdon, EN11 8HF at 7pm

Jim passionately believes that local residents standing outside the party system can bring about real change in Broxbourne, where the Conservative Council has had an unassailable majority for over 30 years.

Jim says, "Like many people around the country, I became completely disillusioned with political parties. Independent councilors in local government can make a real difference because they are only accountable to the electorate and not to a national political party."

Jim was involved in the Conservative party for over 20 years as head of the Backbench Committee at East Herts Disrtict Council and as Hertford Area Chairman. He became increasingly concerned to the damage being done in local government by the constraints of the party system. He left the Conservative Party in 2007 to stand as an Independent Councillor and formed a new organisation, East Herts People, which provides practical support and information for residents interested in putting themselves forward to represent their local communities.

Jim will be talking about his experiences, as described in his new book, at Mayhem Theatre Arts in Brewery Road, Hoddesdon at 7pm. Any local residents who feel they could do a better job of running Broxbourne Council than current elected representatives are urged to come along and find out how they could stand as an Independent. Individuals interested in volunteering are also welcome to attend as they are urgently needed to help independents in their campaign. Volunteers are required for media relations, election agents, website design and leaflet delivery.

As Jim observes, "Having independents on a Council makes decisions harder because people are forced to think and debate and cannot simply listen to the whip. We know voters are very unhappy with the current situation, so anything which improves the quality of debate will also help increase public involvement in local government."

You can find out more about standing as an independent councilor by checking out our Guide to Being a Councillor.

East Herts People hopes to see as many people attend the meeting as possible. If you require any further information please send an email to:

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