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Herts Council takes East of England Plan to High Court

Herts County Council is set to challenge plans for the construction of 10,000 new homes in East Herts as part of the Government's East of England Plan.

The proposed development that would see the expansion of Harlow North is to be disputed at the High Court next Monday (19 May).

Initial plans called for at least 83,200 new homes in Hertfordshire by 2021, but this does not include any that are built in the county associated with the expansions of Harlow or Luton.

The challenge questions the process that led to proposals for 'strategic growth' at Harlow North, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Hemel Hempstead.

The East of England Plan is the current Regional Spatial Strategy for sustainable development in the region. It identifies the investment needed in social, environmental, economic and transport facilities needed to achieve this and will be funded by central and local government, along with private developers.

An independent study that estimates the cost of additional infrastructure needed for the East of England plan to be £7.5 billion will be published later this month.

The county's infrastructure deficit currently stands at £2.4 billion and an additional £5 billion is likely to be required to support the extra housing.

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